We do a thorough assessment of the products that were personally chosen. Despite having different suppliers, we carry out stringent control checks to ensure that these products are of superior quality.


Each product is brought through an array of functionality tests by our experienced team. Every weaknesses of each product will be highlighted and re-engineered to achieve greater improvements.


We have undergone a makeover, with the creation of a new corporate identity. For uniformity, local designers have been engaged to provide a fresh look for the re-engineered machines. Functionality is then assessed by our team.


With reliable manufacturers and stringent controls, we produce our new products efficiently. Along with our network, we provide smooth transport and affordable product costs. We strive to be a one stop business centre to bring convenience to all.

We believe our products are meaningful because
of the thoughtfulness of the people behind them.

About Us

Cleantools, established in 2000, is a major supplier in cleaning systems and solutions. We provide a comprehensive range of machines, equipment, chemicals and accessories for general and professional cleaning worldwide.

Our Values

We value the cultivation of a fulfilling work environment and the happiness of our people, the heart behind what we produce. The 4Rs of CleanTools: Review, Re-engineer, Re-design, Re-create.

Quality Assured

Stringent quality checks are carried out on all of our products, from machineries to equipment, by our professional team. We take extra precautions to ensure that these products are of superior quality before introducing them to our valued customers.

Our Story

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